Meat Traceability

As a recognised feature of food production, the need for documented traceability has developed following various food scares. It is now a legal requirement for all food and feed businesses.

In addition to the legal requirement, most progressive food producing companies have moved to a documented procedure which allows them to trace and follow the supply of ingredients through all stages of production, processing and distribution.

We at The Paddocks Butchery & Deli, are certain that all our meats are of the best standards and are totally traceable giving you confidence in our quality foods


Beef Roasting Joints £8.26
Beef Rolled Sirloin £14.50
Beef Braising Steak £6.57
Sirloin Steaks £16.53
Pork Rolled Leg £6.49
BBQ Lamb Kebabs £10.25
BBQ Pork Steaks £8.80
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